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We LOVE working with natural materials, We LOVE colour combining and We LOVE texture!

At WOLLE+HIDE We design and handmake high quality women’s and men’s fashion accessories: 

specialising in bags and purses. 

 At WOLLE+HIDE We design and make easy to wear clothing for women from natural materials:

wonderful wool, luscious leather, sumptuous silk, cool cotton and lovely linen.

 We mix what we consider to be a rural and urban aesthetic; which is based around traditional shapes, incorporating details that make each piece unique.

We aim to create tactile and usable bags, purses and clothing for Design Conscious individuals.

We are very aware of Environmental issues and sustainability of our natural resources and endeavour to always consider this when selecting, designing and making our products.

WOLLE+HIDE enthusiastically support the Campaign for wool

British small farmers and made in Britain textile industry .

Why this name?
The name WOLLE +HIDE is taken from:
WOLLE – the ‘Olde Englishe’ spelling of wool; when wool production and the subsequent weaving and finishing process, from the 13 Century onwards, made up the countries largest export. Wool and weaving were the making of  Britain; the wealth of many of the Cotswold towns especially Stroud Valleys and nearby ports such as Bristol were wealthy and thriving due to the Wool trade.

WOLLE in German also means wool!

HIDE – one of the oldest known materials used by man, as evidenced in archaeological finds throughout the World. Leather and skin is an enormously versatile material due to it’s incredible properties and hence, been used in a wide variety of products throughout time.

Leather is a part of the animal farming process and closely entwined with wool production.

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