About Us


My story

I am a sheep farmer’s daughter who grew up with wonderful woolly omnivores in the beautiful rolling Cotswolds countryside.

My history combines a heady mix of rural and city influences; that have inspired me to create a range of products that combine both of these amazing parts in my life.  I have a passion for wool, leather and sheepskin and the wonderful tactile and innate properties that they possess. I create WOLLE+HIDE products so that I can share my love of texture, colour, shape and natural fibres with other Design conscious individuals

Our mission  

We believe in sustainability and so our clothing is made of high quality cloth from natrual fibres including wool, leather, silk, linen and cotten.  We specifically specialise in wool and leather/ sheepskin which are some of the early staple materials that shaped the country. As we are an English based brand, the materials in WOLLE+HIDE products are sourced from UK producers as much as possible. We proudly support the Campaign for wool and British small farmers and weavers. Furthermore, in an effort to be ethical, we recyle any offcuts and are conscious of fabric waste.  We also belive in inculsive sizing and we have no sizing restrictions. All of our clothing is handmade and one of a kind!

our products

  The WOLLE+HIDE products are based around simple shapes as we believe that this emphasises the beautiful materials that we use. We incorporate design details in our products that have been used in traditional country clothing, for example, Shepherds bags, pockets from olde hunting jackets and horn fastenings.

The WOLLE+HIDE range combines Urban influences with details such as Oyster card pockets, Tablet holders with internal pockets, wrist straps, reflective strips and clothing with deep pockets; all for the ease of busy modern living!


* Founded WOLLE+HIDE in SEPTEMBER 2013

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