Product Page 2 – Purses – small- medium- large

At WOLLE+HIDE We have a variety of sizes of purses – SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, LONG, SQUARE, SMALL CLUTCH, LARGE CLUTCH, TABLET COVERS in two sizes, and also AIR BOOK 13″ & 15″COVERS.

All of the purses are made with wool cloth in a variety of different textures

and leather, suede, sheepskin or hair-on cowhide.

This combination of materials is designed to maximise the tactile quality of the purses.

The purses can be made in materials that directly match a bag or can be coordinated through colour or cloth type.

All the Golds!


Our  SMALL purses can be used for coins  or cards and easily fit into a bag –

they can be ordered with attachment straps that attach to your bag;  for added security and to also make them easier to find in a busy bag!

All our purses are made from different wool cloths in a variety of weights and textures –

depending on which you prefer: smoother, softer, hairier or more finely woven wool.

Our purses combine wool with leather, suede, sheepskin or hair-on cowhide trim.
All have a contrast lining and some have card pockets on the back.



Our MEDIUM purses can be used for a range of uses from card/note holders to make-up or jewellery.
They can easily be put into handbags or larger Totes.

All our purses are made from wool fabric in various weights and textures.

Purses combine leather, sheepskin and hair-on cowhide trim with some being wool on the front and leather on the back or vice versa.

The purses can be made to match a bag or to co-ordinate with one through colour or cloth type.

Some of the medium purses have pockets internally or on the outside.

All purses are contrast lined with most having a braid trim.


  Large Purses

The Large purses are all made from our staple materials – wool and leather or suede.
Some of the purses also have lambskin and are enhanced with grosgrain trim or velvet ribbon.
The purses are large enough to put an array of small objects or smaller purses in- your choice!
Most of the purses have pockets inside so that you can keep those smaller items even more secure and easy to find.

We have really enjoyed using the different textures to make these purses tactile – lovely to touch!



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