Product Page 6 – CROSS BODY BAGS

WOLLE+HIDE design and make a range of different size CROSS BODY BAGS – wool and leather with sheepskin or hair-on cowhide featuring pockets, adjustable straps and contrast linings – you can even have a matching purse!

We have currently have three different sizes, with the small and large bags being rectangular (portrait) and the medium being rectangular (landscape).

There is an emphasis on the tactile nature of the materials and we have combined our traditional materials with others such as velvet and moleskin!

We also Love to use the edges of the leather skins/hides and sheepskin to give a more unique look and a wide range of different trimmings – take a look! 

We have chosen colours that complement each other and that co-ordinate with our clothing range – yes you can have the full outfit!

The different choice of wool gives our bags their unique look!

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