Product Page 4 – Bags – Totes

At WOLLE+HIDE we produce a range of different TOTE BAGS in two sizes.
We combine various wools which show a range of textures and finishes – whether you prefer, for example, hairy Harris Tweed, thicker wool melton, wool suiting or a softer wool/cashmere mix.

The bags shown in the photographs are made from these wool cloths:

Heather Harris tweed, Cotswolds woollen weavers black/rust wool check, men’s wide pinstripe suiting and a cerise/ pink check tweed.

Our bags (and of course purses!) are all ‘padded’ with a natural interlining to give a fuller, softer and more substantial look.

All WOLLE+HIDE bags have leather and/or sheepskin or cowhide details on them – most also have braid trims.

Our bags all have contrast linings and useful pockets both on the outside and internally on the lining. 

Our fastenings use zipped tops, large prestuds and/or horn buttons or toggles.

Here are some of our original bags. 


We now have a new collection of TOTE bags and have added a different look!

We like to combine various materials together to get the most tactile feel and interesting look and so now have made a panelled Tote!



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