Product Page 9 – Cushions

The WOLLE+HIDE cushions are simple shapes in three sizes – these are:
the rectangular cushion and smaller and larger square cushions.
They all combine different textures using wool, leather or suede and sheepskin in a variety of styles.
The cushions have curled feather pads although we will be changing these to support our philosophy of all things wool by using sheep wool filled pads – which are truly luxurious!
We have tried to really retain the idea of creating tactile surfaces by using materials in such a way that they combine the inherent nature of the smooth, supple, soft or hairy qualities of the materials together.

We are currently making the new range of brighter colour cushions that represent the freshness of Spring and warmth of Summer.

suslatestsep13 2031

suslatestsep13 2035


These are some of the original cushions that we made (early days!) – we are currently making a new range that we hope to post photos of soon.





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